“Life is like a camera: you focus on what’s important, capture the good times, develop from the negative, and if things don’t work out…take another shot.”


PJ’s – my new challenge

My partner Greg Stobbe in advising The Feather Online. He makes me want to strangle him on a regular basis. A new familiar term in my world is PJ. Not the abbreviation for pajamas but [...]

16 Candles Inspired

Remember the scene at the end of sixteen candles where Molly Ringwald sits on top of the dinning room table with Jake (swoon) making her forgotten birthday wish? This was the inspiration behind an anniversary [...]

Six going on Sixteen

Ouch this one actually hurts! This is MY baby girl. She's my mini me in so many ways. When I look at her I see so many expressions that I can literally feel. [...]

Baby Liam

 One more little stud for this sweet family. Isn't he gorgeous? Something that is different about newborn shoots is that I come to you. I shoot in your home and use the furniture and lighting that [...]