Now that fall is over and Christmas cards have been sent out I get to update you with some of my favorite sessions. The Barsoom Family has become close friends and I get excited each year to do their family shoot. Whether it’s barns, beaches, or highways…it’s always a barrel of laughs. This shoot started with the nice Sheriff who happened to drive by as we were unloading our props on the side of the highway. So what’s a girl to do when her photo shoot is in jeopardy? Put down the vintage arm chair in the middle of the road, sit down, cross my legs, bat my eyelashes and give a little flirty wave to the nice Sheriff. It worked! He stopped traffic for us so that we could unload the rest of our loot. ( Yes this method does occasionally work with Highway Patrol as well)  This summer the Barsooms took their first family road trip and we sort of wanted to capture that memory with their Christmas card. Designing them a card that was unique and specific to their style was a great challenge. The new die-cut cards was the perfect foundation. Here’s some favorites from their shoot and a picture of their card that doesn’t do the amazing linen texture justice. Thanks Barsoom family. Can’t wait till next year.





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