Funny Story. I have been driving by this particular house for about 3-4 years wishing I could use it for a photo shoot. Finally I asked. After I rang the door bell the door opened to a barking little shaggy dog who ran right at my ankles. Suddenly I hear the owner yelling, “Kori come here, Kori!”  There I stand business card in hand shocked, “I’m Kori,” I say. Handing her a business card with a picture she admired opened the door for a wonderful conversation. Her beauitiful home has been fetaured on the cover of Sunset Magazine and she was gracious enough to let me use it. I think… it was all because of the dog!

Love these two cuties. I asked mom if she had any unique furniture she wanted to use for the setting and no joke she showed up with this whimsical tea table from Chasing Fireflies. we unwrapped it out of the box. It was so adorable. Thanks Adrianne!

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