Another amazing little baby girl! Lots of girls this year. Some newborn shoots are fast and some take a while depending on many varying factors. This shoot was hands down one of the quickest and easiest shoots. We had great natural light, a sleepy baby, and helpful big sis. I love when I can use elaments [...]

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Triplet Sneak Peek

These three little miracles did amazing. We attempted a very tricky photo shoot. 3 babies, outdoors, at someone elses's home, in the early morning. I am excited to finish them up but here is a sneak peek.  

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Baby Isaiah

He was like "butter. " Little guy melted in my hands. Slept through the whole time and let me do whatever I wanted with him at amost 2 weeks old. I saw a table in their home that had a few different sized bibles and when I asked about them I found out about their Russian [...]

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Not 1, Not 2, But 3

This beautiful Mother to be is not carrying just 1 baby, not even 2 babies. 3 babies she is about to deliver. Amazing,  don't you think? She looks fabulous. It's been a long pregnancy as she has been on bed rest for the majority of  it. We are anxiously awaiting the arrivial of these three [...]

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Do you see what I see?

Do you see it? Look at their eyes.......... LOVE.   Even though they are getting no sleep and their is a toddler tearing the house apart these two still look at eachother with a love that I believe isn't posed. BEAUTIFUL!

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Little Makenna

In 2001 my husband and I were sitting on Makena Beach in Hawaii. I looked over at the beach sign and suggested we tuck that name away for out little girl someday. So when I got pregnant with my first child I was so hoping for a little girl so we could name her Makenna. We [...]

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Little Everett

Love love love his name! So fun to reconnect with people from your past and see the life they have made for themselves. The dad and I went to highschool together and in the hour and half I was there at their house, I was impressed. He is the epitamy of a "hands on dad. " In his [...]

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Little Deegan

Little Deegan is a dream come true! He will be spoiled rotten by his two older sisters and Mommy for sure. I couldn't take my eyes off his beautiful lips. He is just PERFECT! So excited for you guys and your growing family. It has been fun to watch the kids grow and get to [...]

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Lots of Cuties!

I've been busy photographing lots of little cuties. My three brides from last fall all got pegnant within a couple months of the weeding so I now get to photograph their new little ones. Others are growing babies that I began with at newborn and some of these cuties are purely Miracle Babies. One of these [...]

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