Baby Lyla

My dear friends are going for #3. So excited for them and their growing family. Baby Lyla will not be without attention from Big brother and Big Sister. Such a beautiful baby! Thanks you guys for letting me photograph baby lyla before and after she arrived.

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Beautiful Brielle

Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately. I have a lot to catch up on and one thing I know that is keeping me busy is all these babies being born. safe to say I am in a BABY BOOM of my own. Loving this precious newbies. Here's a few of baby Brielle.

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1 Little Miracle

Meet Mila short for Milagro which means MIRACLE. This sweet little baby wasn't expected to live through her 1st 9 months in the womb but she wasn't expected to be alive at birth either. Mila is a fighter. She was born with trisomy 18 and a cleft lip and pallate. Her condition is a rare form [...]

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Baby Jett

This little guy holds a special little place in my heart as Mom and Dad are dear friends of ours. When they asked me to take pictures I was very excited to use Hume Lake as our backdrop. (This is where they live full time and we like to call our 2nd home.) Who wouldn't want to [...]

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Baby Connor…3 days old

I hardly ever get to shoot a baby at 3 days old  but when it's your best friend.... there are some exceptions to the norm. Meet Baby Connor, he is pure perfection. #4 in the DeGroot family and what a wonderful surprise that he was a boy. Now this little Dairy Family is complete. I [...]

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Austyn Mae

This little sweetie was a dream. She slept through everything. We started this shoot on the porch and I realized I wasn't quite content with the way it was going. In the middle of everthing dry and dead on the ranch I found one shade tree to escape under. I ended up loving the way [...]

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Many times when I book a newborn session I never know what I will walk into. These sessions are done in your homes and it's my job to create beautiful images in your home. Well... sometimes that can be more of a challenge depending on the situation in the home. This may be one of the [...]

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Little Red

 How can you not fall in love with this Little Red? Felicity is her name and she was so sweet. When she saw the fishing pole she was so excited to go fish. She's an outdoors girl who doesn't mind a little sparkle or flair. Her new baby brother was a sweet little guy who [...]

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Clarke William Douglas

I have never seen a blonde baby with so much hair before. Little clark already looks like a little man wearing  his name perfectly. I loved taking these pictures in the baby nursery even if it isn't completely finished. Clarke is the first for our dear friends and the dogs may have some adjusting to do. [...]

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Double Delight

My first pair of twin newborns. My poor friend didn't really have much  choice in the matter. I was practically begging from the moment she found out about these two. They were absolute angels for the shoot. Karis & Keira. A distinctive difference in thier size and poor Keira is already doned the title of [...]

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