PJ’s – my new challenge

My partner Greg Stobbe in advising The Feather Online. He makes me want to strangle him on a regular basis. A new familiar term in my world is PJ. Not the abbreviation for pajamas but the letters for the word photojournalist. One long word that I'm too lazy to spell out each time. For as [...]

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16 Candles Inspired

Remember the scene at the end of sixteen candles where Molly Ringwald sits on top of the dinning room table with Jake (swoon) making her forgotten birthday wish? This was the inspiration behind an anniversary shoot. When my client called and and told me she wanted to do something to celebrate her anniversary and the [...]

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Six going on Sixteen

Ouch this one actually hurts! This is MY baby girl. She's my mini me in so many ways. When I look at her I see so many expressions that I can literally feel. She has such a kick back easy going spirit and is full of JOY everyday. I love her tender heart [...]

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Baby Liam

 One more little stud for this sweet family. Isn't he gorgeous? Something that is different about newborn shoots is that I come to you. I shoot in your home and use the furniture and lighting that is available to me. I bring some back ups of course and if your not thrilled with your home we [...]

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Love these little guys. I've been photographing them since they were born and watching them develop their personalities has been fun. No matter what their mood is they always have a soft spot for pics with their Mama. As brothers they get on each other's nerves, fight, gang up on their mom and [...]

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Class of 2013

It's already that time again. Another school year coming to a close. Class of 2013! Boy, I was class of 1996 and that truly seems like yesterday even though my 20 year reunion is quickly appraoching. Senior photo shoots are so different then working with toddlers and babies. I enjoy the change of pace and [...]

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Bennett Family

Still playing catch up around here. This is another fall family shoot I won't forget. I have been photographing this family for years and this shoot ended with a woman basically verbally attacking us for walking on the grass. She then threatened our lives and sprinted down the street  to call the  rent a cop who should [...]

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