A Sister Who Loves

It was a lot of fun working with these two. Kyle was a ball full of energy and Ally was cool, calm, and collected. Having Autisim, Kyle would surprise us from one moment to the next with his personality. He loved to run, jump and hug on his sis. Ally was his strong tower. She knew how to [...]

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Let the Voting Begin!

The first ever photo contest! A few weeks ago I held my first client workshop. It was an information packed day with the intent of teaching them how to get off AUTO. The challenge afterwards was to take the new information they learned and put it to use. Some of them have stepped up to the [...]

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How old are you ?

When I photograph little kids I usually will ask them this question and I get all kinds of responses. It's fun to see them figure out how to tell me with their fingers. I think "3" is the hardest! He is 3. Coming soon Workshop Photo Contest!

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Great Birthday Idea

I got a great idea from one of my clients. We did this shoot before her birthday so that she could have the guests sign the signature board at her birthday. This is done at weddings but I have never seen it done for birthdays.CLEVER! Thought I would share the idea. Here are some more from that [...]

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Population 30

These two little cuties came to meet me in a little town with  population of 30. The Sun peeked out half way through the shoot and helped warm them up ... a little. January is  a hard time for outdoor shots when you want them in cute little outfits. Layers, beanies and scarfs always look good in [...]

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Can’t get enough of these girls

They're back!!! The famous Karlee and Kolbi. I mine as well make these gilrs my spokesgirls because I can't seem to get enough of them. Doesn't hurt that Momma is a dear friend. The last time you saw these two they were on a bed in the back woods somehwere. Thanks to those pictures  every [...]

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I know September is over ….but

Here are some more from September. Each photo shoot is unique and I never know what I am going to get. Many parents look at these pictures and expect the perfect smile starring straight into the camera, but that's not always the case. I get a lot of tears, and grumpy frowns, even those can be [...]

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