Let’s Talk Families

Let's talk about family shoots. I get a lot of questions about how family shoots work. I would love to share some tips. * The goal of my family photo shoots is to be fun and easy.  We always joke about how so many of  my family shoots end up being quite an adventure. I have had [...]

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Mostes Family

Location, location, location! That's what they say right? Well we had already photographed by a barn, in a garden,  a backyard setting, their home. So the next place... a empty abandoned building. So many times my clients have to just trust me when I tell them to meet me somewhere.  We have crossed highways, creeks, barbwire and hid in [...]

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Johns Family

Family shoots are always fun and a challenge in themselves. In order to photograph a family you have to interact with them. I don't just mean casual chit chat. By "interact" I mean making a fool of yourself trying to create laughter and giggles all around. Sometimes I'm chasing the kids around, belting out a funny [...]

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Luginbill Family

Lots of laughter during this shoot. Family shoots can be tricky when it's one photographer behind the camera trying to interact and make the family comfortable and a large group on the other side. I love it when a family shows up and is full of life, energy, and personality. The Luginbill gang was overflowing [...]

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Avedisian Family

I loved loved this shoot! Highlight was hearing a three year old singing "your sexy and you know it" behind my back when I was trying to get her parents to pose. I love old cars, muscles cars, junk yard cars, and trucks. When I get the chance to use a car or truck in a [...]

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A Beach, A Barn, A Sheriff… Oh My!

Now that fall is over and Christmas cards have been sent out I get to update you with some of my favorite sessions. The Barsoom Family has become close friends and I get excited each year to do their family shoot. Whether it's barns, beaches, or highways...it's always a barrel of laughs. This shoot started [...]

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Brown Family

I always love photographing them because they are like family to me. These two little girls are "hams" in front of the camera and make my job so easy. Between the guitars, bows, lollipops, and lipstick... they did not disappoint. Love you guys and can't wait till little man arrives!      

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Burger Beauties!

I have been photographing this sweet family for years. We have done the beach, the boardwalk, the urban look, the garden look so what else could we do. Break out those COWBOY boots! I told her to find a cute little dress and pair them with boots. She nailed it don't you think? We had a [...]

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