Fifield Family

This was a fun shoot for more reasons then one. Troy and I were good friends in Junior high and I hadn't seen him since 8th grade. You grow up wondering about old friends. How they are doing, married, kids, are they in jail... So it was fun to see his sweet family and fun [...]

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Baby Lyla

My dear friends are going for #3. So excited for them and their growing family. Baby Lyla will not be without attention from Big brother and Big Sister. Such a beautiful baby! Thanks you guys for letting me photograph baby lyla before and after she arrived.

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You know when you are the younger sibling and you just think your older brother or sister is so cool... but they don't feel that way about you? Well these two were fun to photograph because you could little brother really looked up to big brother. Thank you Freeman Family I had a lot of [...]

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Beer Family

I have been photographing this swet little one since she was born. It's fun to see how their personalities develop when you have watched them through each stage. She wasn't so keen on bees so an orchard may have not been the greatest place for her but she did love those balloons and wouldn't let [...]

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Happy Valentines Day!

The Weber family wasn't able to do Christmas cards this year so we had some for the Valentines Day cards. With a little help from some V-Day decor we turned a boring little grassy knoll into a little snuggle rug for the family. I hope you are all having a wonderful Valentines Day! Thanks Weber family for [...]

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Hopper Family

Not only did I get to do this photo shoot once but twice! Thanks to loosing an external hard drive I got two chances to capture this sweet family. After biting ants and a bee sting during this first shoot we all agree the 2nd shoot was way better. Thank you Hopper Family for your [...]

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Bone Family

The Bone family had such a great backyard that we didn't need to go anywhere. Pool, waterfalls, putting green, playset, and firepit. Lots of options for fun! Thank you Bone family for letting me hang out and photograph your sweet family.

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Baby Jett

This little guy holds a special little place in my heart as Mom and Dad are dear friends of ours. When they asked me to take pictures I was very excited to use Hume Lake as our backdrop. (This is where they live full time and we like to call our 2nd home.) Who wouldn't want to [...]

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