Beautiful Senior

Thanks Sara for a fun shoot. Love seniors because they listen to what I say but it's always hard to break away from running around chasing crazy kids. We have to transform into supermodel / cover girl mode. The funniest part I'm sure is watching me try to show them their pose!   

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A beautiful senior girl. She was up for anything even when I threatened to "fluff" her hair! I love when I get new clients that are ready for an adventure. Hopefully, a fun one is what they get. Mom was even taking pictures of me while I was doing my job. I love love love [...]

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Class of 2010

Class of 2010 which means they were born around 1992. This....made me feel old. The funny thing is that I feel like highschool was just yesterday and that not much has changed.This could be partly because I married my highschool boyfriend.  1992 , really? So the 70's when I was born seem like ancient history [...]

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