Let’s talk about family shoots. I get a lot of questions about how family shoots work. I would love to share some tips.

* The goal of my family photo shoots is to be fun and easy.  We always joke about how so many of  my family shoots end up being quite an adventure. I have had sheriff’s directing traffic, wild animals, crazy weather, climbing fences, crazy bystanders, and all sorts of funny scenarios. You can’t always plan these events but whats important is to have a flexible mindset. Have fun with your clients! I always choose locations that fit their vision and allow us to capture them doing something together. All families seem to want the perfect  posed  picture so that’s usually where I start (Gets them warmed up). Then I work at capturing the more intimate moments. Get them playing, laughing, chasing each other, and snuggling. I might ask them to do something totally “cheesy” and that’s not usually what I want to shoot, but the process gets me there.  I put my telephoto lens on and become a fly on a wall. Talk with them, get to know them. Don’t be afraid to be silly with the kids. It is always important to me that I talk with the family and introduce myself before ever sticking a lens in their face. By the end of the shoot I have usually laid all over the ground, chased the kids around the location, sang some silly songs, and played a mean game of hide and seek. All While hearing how mom and dad met, who their friends are, and where they want to travel soon.

This family were my first “paying” clients almost 8 years ago. They have become such great friends and every year keeps getting better and better. What I love so much about this family is they are not afraid to let my vision and style for them come alive. It always starts with a small seed of an idea and from that we create a concept each year that we love. I look forward to this shoot each year not only because of the photography involved but mostly the relationships. DeGroot family… I love you guys. You have been some of my biggest ambassadors. Your support for my craft means the world to me. Thank you for choosing me year after year!