In 2001 my husband and I were sitting on Makena Beach in Hawaii. I looked over at the beach sign and suggested we tuck that name away for out little girl someday. So when I got pregnant with my first child I was so hoping for a little girl so we could name her Makenna. We were blessed to have out little man first. Micah. I did have a little girl come next but for some reason Makenna didn’t feel right. We named her Mallory. So deep down inside I have always felt a connection to the name Makenna. Luckily I have a sweet little niece named McKenna. Funny how that all works. The Allen’s were clients of mine back when they got engaged and it’s so fun to see them growing their family. She was a sweet heart and once we got her tired enough she was “OUT”!  Thank you for calling me back for one of your most precious memories. You are such a sweet little family.