My Baby girl just turned 3! She is such a girly girl. I seriously wonder sometimes how she is my daughter. Every day is another opportunity for dress up and the routine is quite funny. At such a young age she has already mastered the skills of color cordinating and accessorizing perfectly. You know the kids that you see in the grocery store… the ones with the pink skirt, frog rain boots, and the mismatched top?  Well, not my Mallory, she looks so put together it’s scary! The latest fashion craze for her is the “SPIN” Dress. Believe me when I say that I thought every dress spun. I was sooo wrong! According to Miss Mallory there has to be a certin amount of weight and ruffle at the bottom to technically be a spin dress. If she isn’t so sure it has to withold the spin test (a series of arm spread wide spins). If it fails… I fail…she is higly disappointed in the dress. So needless to say this is by far the most bizarre routine that I am a part of but I know it won’t last forever so why not have some fun with it.  (I made sure to take pictures of the “spin.” Looking at these make me sad that she is already this old. I love this little lady more then anything and I’m so blessed to call her my own.

Stella and Dot is an amazing jewelry line that a friend of mine sells. They are having a photo contest for their little girl line and she offered me the line to play with. Never win photo contest but thought I would give it a shot. I am having a hard time choosing. Judging is on creativity, quality, and image title. Any suggestions would be great – I have to enter this weekend. If you want to vote become a fan on facebook of Stell and Dot and go to contest. Without further ado here os my little Miss Mallory.

Mallory’s slideshow:

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