Ouch this one actually hurts! This is MY baby girl. She’s my mini me in so many ways. When I look at her I see so many expressions that I can literally feel. She has such a kick back easy going spirit and is full of JOY everyday. I love her tender heart and I am so blessed to be her MOM. She turned six this last month but after looking at the pictures… feels like six going on sixteen! We did her little photo shoot up at Hume Lake. It’s about an hour or so from Fresno and it such a great get away. Hume Lake is our own little slice of Heaven. We have a family cabin up there and spend majority of our summer escaping the heat. It’s a great day trip from the valley if you ever want to come spend a day on the lake, grab lunch at the famous snack shop, or hike through the giant trees. Let me know if you want me to capture your family in the special place. I would love to meet you at Hume Lake. As for Miss Mallory… please slow down baby!